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Our market focus

ConCrea aims at “sailing” with organizations that are free from external constraints, managed by forward-looking and open-to-change entrepreneurs and managers.

We want to share our journey with innovation-oriented companies and trade associations, willing to invest in intangible assets, and open to the creation of networks and diversification projects.

In other words, organizations guided by entrepreneurs and managers who share our view that:

  • … a modern business management must constantly pursue medium-long term objectives, instead of being focused only on contingencies and inspired by carpe diem attitudes;
  • … high-risk initiatives such as internationalization, startups, and re-launching of ailing firms must be addressed with rigorous and systematic managerial approaches;
  • … critical decisions must be based on a solid knowledge base, supported by measurements and quantification of the factors that mostly affect the competitive performance.

We are looking for committed partners that, in order to win otherwise impossible challenges, count on commitment, skills development, and deontological transparency: individuals who believe that even the most ambitious objectives can be attained through the integration of multiple perspectives and contributions.

ConCrea is able to contribute significantly to the enduring and long-term improvement of firms’ competitiveness and profitability in the following highly critical managerial areas:

  1. Internationalization processes, aimed at penetrating new markets, strengthening the presence abroad, and addressing export management issues.
  2. Startup projects, in terms of creation of new entrepreneurial ventures or launching new products or services.
  3. Creation of enterprises’ networks and networked organizations that share common objectives.
  4. Management of commercial crises, in order to re-launch the business and facilitate its future development.