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Co-management actually represents, in our view, the future of consulting: more and more companies realize that it doesn’t make sense to delegate the problem solving task to consultants who are not responsible for the outcome. Only a joint participation of all the stakeholders in the problem solving task, i.e. a co-management of this activity, can produce much better performances in the decision making process.

However, it is nearly impossible to implement this idea without the support of appropriate decision making models, that allow the explicit integration of the specific industry experience of the entrepreneurs and managers with the methodological approaches experimented by specialized consultants in many and diversified business contexts.

This is model-based co-management.

In the area of management, we need to figure out models that describe the type of cause-effect relationship between a set of alternative decisions and, for example, the objective of maximizing the value for the market, given a number of organizational, technical, and financial constraints, including the consideration of alternative profitability targets for the company.

The relationships are normally expressed in mathematical terms: just as a basic example, a function that, other things equal, projects potential sales depending on the price level charged by the company.

The trick is designing models that are explicit and understandable, in order to make them shareable and negotiable, so that the involved parties can contribute to their improvement.

Unfortunately, the models suggested by the academic literature on strategy and marketing are too difficult to understand, and need to be fed by a significant amount of reliable and exhaustive data, that are not normally available in most companies.

That is why, in order to practically realize our model-based co-management approach, we design and develop simpler tools, based on a combination of good judgment, intuition and specific industry experience of the entrepreneurs and managers who work with us.