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ConCrea, coherently with its name, proposes the innovative co-management approach, which consists in the joint creation of new knowledge and value that will improve the organizations’ competitiveness.

Contrary to the traditional “prescriptive” management consulting practices, which “tell” the clients what to do, our approach allows our client/partner a continuous and autonomous acquisition of knowledge and skills easily translatable into successful actions.

The trigger of this process is represented by a systematic adoption of managerial models, such as the so-called Knowledge Innovation Cycle or KI-cycle®, that function as knowledge-extractors, and combine the involved parties’ contributions in the most synergistic and effective way.

We are so convinced of the soundness of this approach, that we are willing to share with our clients the ventures’ entrepreneurial risks, especially in case of ambitious turnkey projects.

An innovative risk-sharing proprietary method that makes this solution applicable even to strategic assignments, guarantees to the client an adequate ROI, since, if the jointly defined objectives are not attained at the end of the initially planned time frame, ConCrea will continue working on them at no additional costs.

This integrated solution (i.e. model-based approach + co-management + risk-sharing) delivers otherwise unreachable economic and strategic benefits, being the final result of a process with the following characteristics:

  • sound and stable, based on widespread consensus and shared decisions
  • structured, and focused on highly innovative knowledge potential
  • quantified, and able to engender a highly valuable legacy (i.e. the supporting managerial models)
  • cross-functional, and able to benefit multiple business areas
  • extended over time, and therefore more effective in terms of knowledge generation.

If you want to know the technical details of our “bet” with your company, send us a message, and we will show you its practical applicability.