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ConCrea’s contributions aim at developing and formalizing a structured document characterized by a concrete and pragmatic style, that represents a kind of road map, which needs to be followed in order to achieve satisfactory and long-lasting market results.

Its flexible and user-friendly model-based approach addresses, in particular, the following issues:

  1. Strategic market choices, with a particular focus on the international dimension: identification and assessment of countries’ and target markets’ potential, entry and development strategies, improvement, focalization, differentiation, and/or adaptation of the product/service line, investment strategies and selective allocation of companies’ resources, related organizational design and adjustments.
  2. Marketing mix design and management: product/service line and supporting services, pricing, logistics and distribution channels, sales force, branding and communication campaigns.
  3. Management of the implementation phases of the selected strategic and organizational choices.
  4. Collection, processing, interpretation, and management of the critical information on the external context, through the design of effective and efficient top management dashboards.
  5. Identification and definition of new business opportunities and future developments.
  6. Activation of a systemic process able to trigger continuous market-oriented entrepreneurial innovation in the areas of products, services, and processes.
  7. Design and delivery of personalized managerial models aiming at supporting the most critical and complex market decisions at both the strategic and the operational levels.
  8. Design and delivery of customized or semi-customized management education courses, seminars, and workshops, built around innovative and proprietary simulations, business games and e-learning platforms.

In order to best satisfy the customers’ needs, ConCrea applies the logic of network orchestration, aimed at systematically personalizing its contributions: depending on specific objectives, we will bring together a highly-skilled and capable task force, able to successfully address the entrepreneurial challenges, and produce tangible results.